Becoming a virtual exhibitor gives you greater insight

The Virtual AI Summit provides the perfect setting for to gain visibility and our bespoke interactive expo allows you to engage with some of the most influential companies in the AI space.

You’ll be able to interact with all attendees with a meeting schedule system, a feature that includes setting up video calls and lead scoring so you can qualify the conversations for follow-up.

Or request a demo of the platform from one of our team.

Virtual Expo Packages the AI Summit Silicon Valley

Why exhibit?

Our bespoke built expo allows you to engage with tech leaders from the world’s most renowned enterprises. Showcase your product through demos, show off your tech in action and meet directly with buyers from across Europe and far beyond.

Our AI driven platform enables you to easily find the most relevant contacts. We recommend the people to connect with, based on interests, industry and profile. So whether it’s buyers, start-ups or peer to peer, just tell us who you want to meet and our algorithms do the rest.

Our platform enables you to capture leads from presentations, product demos, meetings, booth visits and connections made. You can then lead score to qualify your leads effectively and therefore present a demonstrable return on your investment.

More accessible than ever before, the Virtual AI Summit give you brand exposure to a wider audience. We have the strength of our existing online communities within Informa Tech, including AI Business, so can bring together the who’s who in the industry.

Your virtual exhibition dashboard will show:

  • Number of meetings for you and your team
  • Volume of visitors to the booth
  • Contact information any meetings you have held
  • Contact information from accepted connection requests
  • How many views each product demo has had
  • How many people visited each product listing
  • Current average lead score
  • Number of delegates that have bookmarked your booth

Who you can expect to meet:

Bank of America White Logo
Walmart Labs Logo
Nike at the AI Summit
Tesla at the AI Summit
Fitbit at AI Summit

The attendees have been of a higher calibre than many other conferences I've been to!

VP & CTO - Americas, HCL

I think it just keeps getting better and better.

Director, Publicis.Sapient

The AI Summit has been just brilliant! There’s so much to learn and so much to see as well, and the networking as you can hear during lunchtime, that’s the heart and soul for me. It’s been a fantastic event for us to be involved in!

Chief Envisioning Officer, Microsoft

It's been a fantastic experience; I've run into people from pharma, from consumer applications, to defence agencies to cancer institutes.

Senior Director, Business Development for Deep Learning & AI , NVIDIA

The show is very exciting - it gets better and better every time.

Global Head, ignio Product Specialist Group, Digitate, a Tata Consultancy Services Venture

This event has been fabulous - we've seen enterprises across industry verticals: financial services, retail, manufacturing, so I think that is what has been awesome about the event.

SVP, Artificial Intelligence Solutions, RAGE Frameworks

I think it’s very exciting. It's heartening to see a lot of organisations here, and we are meeting a lot of end users, of IT and of our services.

Director of Marketing, HCL

The show is going great, there's a lot of interesting people here to talk to and it's been a lot of fun.

CEO & Co-founder, Luminoso

It's a great mix of people here, sharing the ideas and the experiences, what works and how to approach this in the right way is really critical, which is why this is an important forum.

CTO, Accenture

We call it artificial intelligence, but I believe this is based on real relationships, and that’s what I’ve seen today. The relationships that have been created and that will be cultivated and built over time thanks to The AI Summit are great – they’re phenomenal.

Head of Marketing, TCS

It’s been a great experience – from opera singers to kick the day off, through to speakers! Every single speaker that was up there I’ve learned a great deal from and I’m very excited to meet after the talk. The networking has also been outstanding – there are a lot of great people here that I wouldn’t have met otherwise.

Head of AI Practice, Publicis.Sapient

Superb: Awards ! Demos ! and Sessions! The AI Summit is Brilliant platform!

SVP, HCL Technologies